Reconstructive surgery

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Reconstructive surgery is the supreme discipline in plastic surgery and it requires great talent and an outstanding expertise. We belong to the best in this field and can look back on many years of experience and numerous trainings for our professional development.

We perform a number of complex operations in a state-of-the-art surgery suite, and are assisted by our fully qualified medical team.

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Burn surgery

We are highly experienced in the care of new and healed burns, scalds, chemical skin injuries and frostbites, as well as scar correction and functional limitations.

Usually, an efficient treatment takes place over en extended period and is individually modified.

We also treat small-area burns according to the newest scientific and medical findings to enable fast healing and minimal scarring and to preferably restore unlimited functionality.

Hand surgery | Micro surgery

Because hand surgery poses both a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge, it belongs to the most complex and relevant fields in plastic surgery.

In everyday life, we all depend on the unlimited functionality of our hands and fingers, something which only becomes obvious when we are personally limited in these functions. The hand area has an innumerable amount of bones, nerves and vessels, and its fine motor skills are dependent on their teamwork.

Naturally, a sensible therapy not only comprises the surgical intervention, but also requires physiotherapy, occupational and splint therapy. They are all essential for a fast and complete recovery.

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy

Undergoing mastectomy after breast cancer is sometimes medically necessary, and it involves extreme physic and psychic stress for the woman due to the loss of an organ which not only performs an important function, but is also a symbol for femininity and youth.

We have a 30 years experience in the reconstruction of the female breast with autologous tissue and silicone implants. We have had the opportunity to present our knowledge in this field in numerous scientific papers and lectures all around the world. Additionally, we developed a number of surgical methods which showed excellent results and have become part of the international medical standard in today’s medicine.

Tissue used for breast reconstruction can be taken from the back, tummy, thighs or buttocks. The single options are discussed individually with the patient and are carried out as inpatient procedure. We always take into consideration the needs and desires of the patient regarding where she wants the fat to be “harvested“. Very slim patients usually have their fat “harvested“ from the buttocks.

After 3 to 6 months, the second breast needs to be matched for symmetry. At this point, we also perform the nipple construction of the reconstructed breast. It is absolutely necessary to have a personal clinical examination and consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Post-operational care as instructed by the respective surgeon should be observed strictly. Many years of experience and routine play an important role in reconstructive surgery.

In a meeting, we will discuss all options available to you, and we will address any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact us for a personal consultation.

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