Holistic medicine

We believe that true beauty comes from within – its origin are the holistic physical health and mental wellbeing – and not the other way around. This is the reason why we insist that our patients deal with their bodies and their physical condition in an honest and active way. 

Each and every one of our area of specialization underlies a different mission – but they are all united in our philosophy of the holistic preventive medicine.

It`s all about the right combination

We get the most beautiful results by the combination of different elements, which equally promote your health and your beauty. It is crucial to take the right measures both before and after a surgical intervention. We gladly advise you on the following areas:


We cannot emphasize enough how important the right diet is for your health and looks. Given that you stay fit and healthy, you can look beautiful and young your entire life.


Food rich in sugar and carbohydrates is one of the reasons that accelerates our aging process, and it also causes a whole range of serious diseases. Your physical wellbeing is paramount for surgical interventions and aesthetic treatments. Thus we are ambitious to help you take certain preliminary measures prior to any treatment.


Prior to all of our treatments and surgeries, we recommend to completely cut out sugar and alcohol, and to seriously reduce the intake of carbohydrates. You should also drink about 3 liters of water a day. We specialize in ketogenic diet, support you when losing weight and starting a long-term dietary change.

Skin care

Regular peelings and lymphatic drainages improve your blood circulation and accomplish prodigies when combined with multi-active agents and hands-on application techniques.


Infusion and oxygen therapy are the perfect supplements to your treatment. Your body is provided with important vitamins and pure oxygen and is faster in its regeneration process. This enables a quick wound healing and aesthetic scarring. A targeted nutrient supply supports important metabolic and detoxifying processes in the body.


In addition to this, your skin and tissue need enough rest/sleep, moisture and fresh air to effectively recover and stay radiant.


Moving and exercising outside in the fresh air will keep you young forever, and it’s not just a hollow promise! To feel your own body, to be fit and active…all of this makes us feel healthy and gives us a good body feeling.


Regular exercise promotes our blood circulation, increases the oxygen intake and makes us feel happy. Additionally, it strengthens and tones our muscles and tissue.




The so-called morphological type is the basis of the uniqueness of your personality and physical appearance. It’s our target to individually determine the morphological features of the patient with our detailed and proven method in order to choose the perfect treatment.

Ketogenic nutrition with the TISANOREICA® diet

Our method links principles of a ketogenic nutrition with the typology theory by Hippocrates and the natural healing power of medicinal plants and herbs. Based on a classic anamnesis (your medical history), we create a nutrition plan supported by a low-carb, sugar-free diet and pure herbal elixirs.


Ketogenic nutrition is proven to be an effective and fast method to lose weight and is based on adjusting the body to the ketogenic or fat metabolism. We achieve this by a significant reduction of carbohydrates and the abstention of sugar.


We not only recommend a ketogenic diet for overweight patients, but also for those who want a long-term dietary change and sugar reduction for the sake of their health. This holistic approach is clinically tested and is based on detoxification from within – you deeply regenerate your body, cleanse it from sugar and detoxify it. This leads to a long-term improvement of your health and overall wellbeing.

Benefits of the ketogenic diet

  • long-term weight loss without feeling hungry and without experiencing the yoyo effect
  • visible results within the first week
  • balanced protein intake for strong muscles
  • individual nutrition plan
  • simple to follow – never mind where you are: at home, in the office, out of house
  • 100% vegetarian
  • food lists, menu plans, recipes

Health benefits

  • activates the fat metabolism
  • regulates the gut peristalsis
  • regulates the insulin secretion
  • verifiably improves cholesterol, trigylceride and blood sugar levels
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • improves your concentration
  • drains and detoxifies your body
  • visibly reduces cellulite & tautens your skin

Weight & plastic surgery

  • A long-term dietary change to high-quality foodstuffs, regular exercise and sufficient oxygen intake are the best prerequisites for a healthy, toned and beautiful body – for a lifetime.
  • Many of our patients struggle with overweight and diseases resulting from it. In most cases, it can be attributed to a wrong diet, and many people see a big challenge in losing weight, despite having tried more than just once.
  • We recommend an individual nutrition plan based on the principles of the ketogenic diet, which means a radical reduction of sugar and carbohydrates.
  • When the body experiences a carbohydrate deficiency, it changes to the so-called fat metabolism and starts to tap into its own fat reserves, converting them to ketones in the liver. These ketones are then used as energy. Ketosis allows you a healthy and long-term weight loss with very quick results.
  • The target is to wean the body off of sugar and carbs and allow a long-term healthy and low-carb diet.
  • Banning sugar to a large extent and concentrating on a low-carb diet protects from diseases and gives tissue and skin a lifelong elastic, firm and resistant look. Skin regeneration and would healing are effectively improved – an important prerequisite for surgical interventions and aesthetic treatments.
  • Beauty really comes from within – in order to maintain the lovely result of your treatment (liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck, etc.), look beautiful at any age and stay fit, it is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

We offer highly effective treatment methods that are suitable for all skin types. Among other things, we work with receptor-controlled micro-encapsulation, a method which enables us to exactly transport highly concentrated agents where they are needed for an efficient skin regeneration.


Our method rests upon 3 pillars:

  • Morphological anamnesis
  • Pure, multi-active agents
  • Manual application techniques


Our treatments for the face and body are individually put together, also bearing in mind your unique desires and your skin’s needs. With the three-dimensional effect of the therapy, in combination with the micro-encapsuled receptor-controlled agents (exactly adapted to your morphological type), we guarantee instantly visible and long-lasting results.




The purification, deacidification and detoxification processes in your body are supported by lymphatic drainages and special, highly effective manual application techniques. The micro-encapsuled multi-active agents are exactly transported to where the skin needs it the most and thus preventively fight free radicals and skin aging.

Papp ? Papp Detox

We have developed a highly effective, six-weeks weight loss diet, which helps our patients to quickly and easily get rid of excess weight and to remorselessly change their diet, thus achieving a totally new body consciousness. It is a tremendous benefit for your holistic health and appearance.


Our six-weeks weight loss & detox plan is based on the ketogenic diet with TISANOREICA® and supplemented by a daily intake of herbal elixirs, regular lymphatic drainages as well as infusion and oxygen therapies.


As part of our first consultation meeting we will perform a blood analysis and advise you, together with a sports scientist, on the exact process of your individual weight loss plan. Your progress and experiences are documented, you will be accompanied at all times and given advice when needed.