Don´t forget to fall in love with yourself first.

-Carrie Bradshaw-


Confidentiality & Trust

Making the decision to surgically change your body is a very personal one and requires complete trust in the surgeon. In your mind, you have a certain imagination of how the ideal outcome should look like and you want a doctor who fully understands your wishes and concerns. At the same time, you are looking for an experienced plastic surgeon with an eye for the detail who puts confidentiality, your safety and your wellbeing above all else.

Experience & Innovation

We strive for natural results which are – in an ideal situation – barely noticeable as surgical operation to third parties or even yourself. To achieve the best possible effect without altering your character is one of our skills. We obtain best results by using excellent methods of treatment, specially developed operational techniques, a minimal amount of incisions as well as a holistic pre- and postoperative treatment.

Quality & Safety

We work with premium-quality materials and the purest active components, and our technologies and operation methods are state-of-the-art. Your safety and wellbeing are paramount to us and we are keen to achieve the highest quality in the work we do, thus we strictly go by international quality and safety standards.

Our intention is to achieve surgical perfection and to set international milestones in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery by an interdisciplinary approach.


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